ICScolor believes in playing well with others, from working with great resellers and distributors to collaborating with educators and suppliers and by using industry standard formats such as CxF and ICC. Whether with integrations, commercial arrangements, sharing technology trends and focus, or donating software so that our future colleagues graduate up to date on the latest great technology, ICScolor is working to move the industry and technology forward.


These universities believe in being on the edge of technology and arming their graduates with the information they’ll need to move into the industry equipped to work with the latest technology. These higher education departments have incorporated digital color proofing into their workflows to help the students learn production skills.

ICS Partners - Education

Channel Partners

The brands we support are global companies, so our channel partners need to be global as well. Our channel partners help support, promote and sell the value of ICScolor products to multinational companies and we are focused on expanding our growth through partners worldwide. Our channel partners are color experts, trained in Remote Director software, and have the industry knowledge to provide local support and consulting as needed.


Working with other companies in the industry is fun for us – suppliers helping other suppliers! Some partners have worked with ICScolor to create a technical integration with products for a more seamless workflow. Others may recommend our products as we do theirs. And some may share information back and forth so that our solutions play well together when used.


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