Founded in 2001 as Lotsadots, the company’s first challenge was to build a remote “Press-Ok” solution, a solution that was to scan a press sheet and transmit the image to a clients display for color approval. Many technologies taken for granted today had to be developed to meet the goal. At the time live chat, FaceTime, and remote verification of a monitor’s calibration had to all be developed along with the color management required to capture and display the press sheet. Due to these challenges and low luminance of displays at the time, Remote Director, version 1.0 was a hardware and software solution that included a room to control ambient lighting. These challenges made for a costly color accurate fax machine that few companies could justify.

As communication applications became mainstream, flat panels became readily available with brighter luminance, GPU’s became faster, our team migrated the technology to a software only solution focused on accurate color rendering between clients across the Internet.

In 2002 Remote Director 2.0 was born, becoming the first ever display based certified digital color proofing system.

Now shipping as a cloud based or software purchased Proof Server based solution with desk-top client applications, Remote Director is the only technology that ensures everyone is viewing the same color as ICScolor continues to lead the industry in rendering spectral values for any number of colors including expanded gamut profiles and/or spots.

In response to the work from home trend created by 2020 pandemic we introduced two new hardware solutions, ProofCheck, a complete digital proof viewing station and PressCheck, to capture a press sheet for remote approval. These products combined with Remote Director deliver unprecedented color matching for approval at a fraction of the 2002 costs.


First certified color accurate display based proofing solution

Winner of the prestigious GATF Intertech award

Multiple patents for remote display color verification and calibration methods


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