The History of Color Proofing

In the early days, the color separation process was never exact, and the resulting print could be corrected by altering the four halftone images with a process called dot etching. Etchers would alter the dot size by over-exposing a duplicate (dry etching) or using a chemical to “etch” the [...]

Remote Director Latest Software Release

Release notes for 2022 update of Remote Director. We have a new general release of the Proof Server v7.7.x, Mac and Win RD client v3.0.x software available. In addition to numerous bug fixes and performance improvements we have included the following: Ability to search and flag profiles for [...]

Solving the Proofing Problem with a Remote Workforce

Navigating the landscape of the new normal in a Covid-influenced world is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. How can we conduct business safely and efficiently when a large percentage of American workers will be working remotely either full-time or part-time? Throughout the [...]

COLOR22 Reflections

It was good to be back at a live event after two years of Zooming. The venue in La Jolla next to Tory Pines Golf Course was excellent and San Diego weather was normal which means that it was perfect. Seeing colleagues and friends in person really makes a big difference. Of course, the [...]

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