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Release notes for 2022 update of Remote Director.

We have a new general release of the Proof Server v7.7.x, Mac and Win RD client v3.0.x software available.

In addition to numerous bug fixes and performance improvements we have included the following:

  • Ability to search and flag profiles for easier access
  • New image interactive interface for building custom print process curves
  • Ability to flag, edit, and delete print process curves
  • Company administer permission
  • New right-click placement of additional images in the viewer in addition to drag and drop
  • Forced user assignment of a company
  • Improved privacy of color list and profiles by company
  • Support for i1 Pro 3 with M1 chip
  • Update of security for the entire technology stack
  • Ability to view side by side in D50 and D65
  • Color, paper, and profile widgets for adding and flagging multiple selections
  • Improved SMTP support for Exchange servers
  • Support for PDFs in the unscreened Esko file format
  • Improved printing UI for notes and annotations includes a progress bar

    Remote Director Software Release – Screenshot of Profile Management UI


Click here to contact us about upgrading.

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