Are you still reviewing color on hard copy proofs?

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From our perspective at ICSColor, there are dozens of reasons why a major brand would move to digital color proofing for packaging, signage, collateral, and other print materials—no surprise there! 

But they all come down to one thing: Speed to market.

The convenience of digital proofing—especially when using a proven system with fully incorporated color management like our award-winning Remote Director—decreases the time to market on every run by cutting out days of waiting, increasing accuracy, coordinating team efforts, and eliminating variables.

Companies recognize that almost everything in their workflow is digital—communications, creative, administration, logistics, even entire departments. The only place the digital production flow breaks down is with proofing. The whole product development and market flow come to a halt, so proofs can be printed and flown around the world, sometimes several times.

But we have found that every successful digital proofing system implementation starts with one central question: “How do we ensure that every monitor in our production system is perfectly calibrated? We don’t even know what monitors are on people’s desks!”

ICScolor can solve this problem in 15 minutes—let us show you how.

What may seem like an impossibly daunting task for an enormous company with cascading priorities, tight timeliness, and stretched managers is truly all in a day’s work for us. When we get started with a color-proofing system installation, that is the first step. And because we do it all the time, it’s done before you know it.

We query every monitor in your system remotely, and we only need to know three things:

  • Has it been calibrated?
  • When?
  • Did it pass ISO certification?

Once we get to three yesses, we’re good to go. And we can get there in as little as 15 minutes.

After that, the benefits of color proofing kick in fast: thousands saved on printing and mailing proofs, worry and mistakes eliminated through version control and an automatic audit trail, an environmentally friendly footprint, and an uninterrupted digital workflow.

To learn more about how ICScolor can get you to market faster by saving time and money, request a demo today. We make it easy to get your brand to print, digital and beyond.

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