Remote Director Delivers Unparalleled Spot Color Proofing using Pantone and CxF

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ICScolor’s groundbreaking digital proofing solution, Remote Director, addresses the need for brands to access perfectly rendered Pantone colors using Pantone spectral values from the Remote Director color library. 

Traditionally, most other digital proofing software uses the LAB value of a spot color to display the color. However, this can be problematic as LAB only gives you 3 data points of the color space. For example, Adobe products will interpolate and render the LAB differently than other software products, confusing users about the correct visual appearance. 

Using spectral values to define a spot color goes a step beyond the LAB color space to enhance accuracy with 36 or more data points. Remote Director’s proven color technology includes their spectral blending engine, which uses industry-standard formats to render spot colors precisely as stand-alone, or blended with process or other spot colors.

The new version updates Remote Director’s Pantone Library and includes all PMS colors from Pantone’s spectral definitions without interpolation. This update allows the system to correctly render their spot colors to the display for accurate digital color proofs, a feature unique to Remote Director. Remote Director also warns the user of any color interpolating from LAB and not utilizing spectral definitions.

Another feature of Remote Director is the ability for brands to add their own spot colors to the Remote Director proof server’s library. Any spot color not in the library is measured and added as a custom color. Consistent colors are critical in brand identity and recognition. A classic example is Coca-Cola red. If the brand’s color was just slightly off—too pink, too blue, too magenta—it would baffle consumers and send the iconic brand into a quality assurance dilemma. In other words, any brand’s unique colors can be imported and customized in spectral libraries, and then Remote Director will precisely render them. Any PDF proof added to Remote Director with proper Pantone and named channels uses spectral colors within Remote Director’s spectral blending engine to display the accurate color on the proof. 

Remote Director uses Color Exchange Format (CxF) handling to import and export color. CxF is an international standard allowing seamless, worldwide digital communication of all commercially significant aspects of color. CxF is defined in a completely open way so that all aspects of a color can be communicated, even when the application and the required color communication features are unknown. The update from Pantone assures the same precise view when using the new colors in your design. 

The bottom line is that Remote Director is the only accurate way for a brand to see digital color proofs with accurately rendered Pantone and custom brand colors – either stand-alone or blended. Using spectral definitions and Remote Director’s proven spectral blending engine will produce far more accurate proofs than any software could do with only interpolated LAB values and take the guesswork out of your color proofing.

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ICScolor Inc. is the world leader in remote digital color proofing. Today, ICScolor’s expanded suite of products and solutions are focused on digital color proofing in real-time, on any mix of hardware and workflows at any location in the world. For more information about ICScolor and Remote Director, visit and request a demo.

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