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Recorded on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 –  This informative webinar was hosted by ICScolor with Mike Onderwater of Kraft Heinz and industry expert Kevin Bourquin as they delved into the transformative impact of digital color proofing. This is your unique opportunity to learn directly from experts who are at the forefront of workflow innovation.

ICS Color Booth at Printing United Expo 2022

2022 Printing United Expo in Las Vegas

The industry returned to in-person events in October this year with the Printing United Expo in Las Vegas. The event was well attended, and there was visible energy around the return of the event.

ICScolor demonstrated the new features and optimized interface of Remote Director V4, as well as introduced a new logo brand during the event. We had the opportunity to meet with partners, customers and new prospects to share Remote Director, ProofCheck and PressCheck products.

We look forward to next year’s event in Atlanta.


Dan Caldwell Joins CxF in Action Panel at FTA Forum 2022

ICScolor is heading back out on the road in two weeks to attend the Flexographic Technical Association’s Forum 2022, March 13-16 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hosted by Dan Uress and Steve Smiley

Panelists include Dan Caldwell, ICScolor; Rachel Malley, CGS ORIS Americas; Chris Maxedon, PetSmart Proprietary Brands; and Michael Sisco, ColorConsulting USA Inc

With its diverse capabilities, CxF has usage applications for the entire flexographic workflow. As a method of sharing color targets from brand owners to premedia, CxF helps improve the proofing quality of brand colors. As the job progresses through the workflow into the ink kitchen, the complete spectral curve which can be carried inside a CxF file helps assure proper ink formulation and manufacturing. Once on press, the same CxF data can be utilized for process control and verification by quality assurance technicians.

Digital Proofing in CxF

Our own Dan Caldwell will speak on how a digital proof can use CxF values that are embedded in a PDF to create an accurate proof of the CxF color in the file. He will also demonstrate how a digital proofing solution can be used to write the approved CxF values into a file for submission to the printer. Additionally he will describe how a digital proofing system can be used to create a digital draw-down of any CxF value on any substrate.

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ICScolor, Inc., creator of Remote Director, the world’s leading digital color proofing system, announces its participation in the two-part webinar series titled “From Think to Ink”. In collaboration with Alder Color Solutions, these webinars will examine how digital color proofing is enabling a more efficient proofing workflow for color critical work.

Each webinar will be presented twice allowing brand owners, agencies, pre-media companies, printers and packaging converters in different time zones to conveniently attend. Click below to view the webinar videos.



ICScolor, Inc., creator of Remote Director, the world’s leading digital color proofing solution, announces their participation at the FTA FORUM 2021. For more than 60 years, the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) has organized FORUM as a technical and educational conference built around the topics most important to flexographers.

On May 12, 2021, Dan Caldwell, President of ICScolor, Inc. will present “Getting Color Right… in a COVID World”. His presentation in the advanced color theory seminar track will explore how digital color proofing is replacing analog hard copy proofs and eliminating a significant break in a fully digital color workflow.


ICScolor, Inc., creator of Remote Director, the world’s leading digital color proofing solution, announces a presence at virtual.drupa in partnership with Stora Enso Paper. As drupa, the world’s leading trade show for print technologies, was cancelled for 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, “virtual.drupa” was created as a four-day digital event.

Our presentations at virtual.drupa will focus on our technical services,” states Martin Gercke, Vice President of Technical Sales at Stora Enso. “Our Softproofing service, is now offered as a remote, cloud-based service that can be used anywhere around the globe. We’ll be able to show in our sessions just exactly how this service works.” Caldwell concludes, “Softproofing by Stora Enso is powered by Remote Director and we look forward to being at the virtual.drupa event together. Our solution is fully digital, saves time and cost and is environmentally responsible.”

The date of “virtual.drupa” falls within the period originally planned for drupa: April 20 to 23, 2021. To register free for the event, please click the button below.



If you’d like to learn more about digital color proofing for remote teams please reach out to us by filling out the form below.

Remote working; for some of us it is a new reality while others have been doing it for years. In a creative workflow where color is important there are some unique challenges to a remote workflow.

• How do we ensure that color is consistent in multiple locations?
• Is everyone looking at the same version?
• Do I have all the feedback from everyone that I need?
• How can we be quicker and more efficient?

See how Color Management Group and ICS Color explain how Digital Proofing can answer all these questions and more.



This webinar will feature an in-depth panel discussion between brand, design and innovation professionals as they explore how innovation and branding leaders launch, market and design with fierce speed, and yet in concert with consumer’s changing demands, such as for clean products and safe, sustainable packaging.

Attendees will get a better understanding on how to leverage new technologies to engage and delight shoppers, sustainability’s role in product and package design – being sustainable and premium are not mutually exclusive, plus best practices and tips for collaboration and how to launch new products and refresh existing product line-ups and brands.

Key topics in this webinar: Product Development, Innovation & Collaboration for Better Brand Experiences


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