Solving the Proofing Problem with a Remote Workforce

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Navigating the landscape of the new normal in a Covid-influenced world is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. How can we conduct business safely and efficiently when a large percentage of American workers will be working remotely either full-time or part-time?

Throughout the pandemic, companies were forced to get creative in how they managed workflow remotely. We have found clever ways to communicate and collaborate despite the distance. Not all solutions will work in the long-term, however, and companies are now searching for real alternatives to solve problems for working in a remote leaning world.

Even if your company has recalled everyone back to the office, that doesn’t mean that your clients have also done so. Major corporations like Facebook, Apple, and Target have chosen to leave a large percentage of their staff working remotely or in a hybrid situation. This means a designer might live in LA, while the brand manager is now in Albuquerque, your creative agency is based out of NYC and your printer is in Minneapolis.

Collaborating across distance and time zones is something ICScolor knows a little bit about. For the past two decades, our flagship product, RemoteDirector, has allowed companies to review color-accurate digital proof from anywhere in the world. We take collaboration and communication about proofs to the next level by cutting down on costly, wasteful hard copy proofing. Whether you need to communicate within your team or with your clients, Remote Director makes the proofing process fast, efficient and sustainable.

We’ve believed all along that digital color proofing would become the norm although we didn’t anticipate a global pandemic would be the driving force behind it. To learn more about how ICScolor can save you time and money, request a demo today.



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