Are You Up to Date With Today’s Proofing Technology?

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Proofing for print has a colorful past but today’s digital color-accurate proofing is the most precise, fast, and cost-effective solution.

From the beginning of color printing, color proofing was required to predict how an image—when separated into cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (or CMYK)—would appear when printed on a press.

But, did they match?

See the effectiveness of color proofing throughout its history – from the early 1970s, when all proofs were done on a press, to the later 20th century of dye-based and CMYK proofing, to the turn of the century color-managed inkjet – each iteration used the technology of the time to provide the most accurate representation of the finished product.

Color proofs are still an indispensable part of the printing process – especially in packaging. After all, who doesn’t want “proof” of what their printed product will look like in its final form? But the make-up and delivery of color proofs have evolved dramatically over the years to the ideal we have today—digital color proofs. Each evolution of the proof, when first introduced, was considered lower quality and less acceptable than the previous yet all became accepted as the standard solution at that time.

Have you evolved to utilize the latest technology or are you still making do with processes of the past by looking at color on hard copy proofs?

Digital color proofing is the latest in the evolution of accurate color proofing for today’s environment. 

When discussing digital color proofing, we are not talking about “soft proofing.” A soft proof is no more accurate than the first-generation multi-layer dye proofs. Any file opened on one application will look different when opened in another application. This is why inkjet proofs are still used today.

A digital color-accurate proof requires a calibrated display with proper verified use of profiles to be viewed precisely and accurately, just like an inkjet proof. However, sharing a digital color proof requires sharing all that information with the client, who—rightly so—wants “proof” of the printed product to come. To deliver and share a digital color proof, you must manage the status of all monitors and coordinate all color settings with all viewers.

Will they match?

Yes, if you use the best tool available, and ICScolor offers that unique product.

Our team of color experts has come from the printing industry and experienced this evolution of proofing technology changes. We designed Remote Director to be a digital color-proofing solution that will overcome and outperform any hard-copy proof – all for less costs, faster, and more sustainable.

With Remote Director, your team of experts can:

  • Check the status and verify or calibrate all viewers’ displays to pass ISO certification
  • Correctly share and verify all the color settings used in proofing
  • Correctly proof spot colors, including blended spot colors
  • Accurately proof Extended Color Gamut (ECG) files
  • Dynamically change paper color to show how a print product will look on any substrate
  • Cut days or weeks out of the proofing process.
  • Save thousands of dollars over time in printing and shipping fees.

ICScolor’s Remote Director represents the final evolution of color-accurate digital proofing, providing the best way to review your color proofs today.


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