Too Busy to explore changes in new technology that save time and money?

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Don’t have time to implement innovations that pay off? Let us show why making the time is essential for your bottom line.

Time is our most valuable asset. With worker and supply shortages still challenging businesses and consumer demand continuing to increase, companies need to be more efficient than ever.

Yet, many business owners and managers say they don’t have the time to invest in implementing and training staff on new technologies. 

But think about it this way: If exploring new innovations and technologies takes just a short meeting and can get products to market days to weeks faster, can you afford not to take the time? 

If your process includes printing on a global scale, you can streamline the extra time (and money) spent on printing and shipping proofs. 

We constantly hear from busy brand owners, printers, and packaging companies who want to save time and money in the proofing process but don’t have a minute to spare. 

Here’s how we can help.

“I don’t have time to talk about using new technologies. What we’ve always done is working now.”

We see it this way—if executives don’t have time to consider efficient, new time- and money-saving technologies, then maybe you are using the wrong technology to start with. A 15-minute conversation and 30-minute demo on Remote Director—less than a lunch hour—will show you how many weeks you’ll shave off your process in less than a year. We’ll even buy lunch. 

“We have no time in our packed production schedule to implement Remote Director or to learn a new system.” 

That’s perfect…because we can get our systems completely implemented in basically no time at all. When you invest in a Remote Director system for your team, the time to up-and-running is almost immediate. Once your color monitors are calibrated, and your server is set up, your whole team can complete training in a couple of hours. We can help train and onboard your project with creators, reviewers, color managers, server administrators, suppliers, and clients.

What we love about Remote Director is that it speaks for itself. Remote Director is a server-based software solution that creates color-accurate online proofs to share with anyone, anywhere in the world. When it comes to digital color proofing with Remote Director, the investment is relatively low, and the return is swift and significant. A quicker time to market coupled with eliminating travel and shipping costs could potentially pay for the investment in the first few print runs and certainly inside the first year.

“We don’t have time to explain a new process to management.”

Executives are persuaded by the bottom line. We’ve created several case studies on how others have utilized Remote Director in their process to see how much faster products will go to market and how much less money it will cost. We’ve summarized the time-to-market savings in an easy-to-understand infographic.  

One multinational brand client discovered it could drive out $150,000 annually from its existing expense structure using digital color contract proofs viewed on the Remote Director system in Europe and Asia. A staggering 58% commercial savings for only one component in the packaging supply chain was realized! Better still, Remote Director eliminated the worry about late deliveries, lost deliveries, shipping and customs challenges across borders. Read the Brandkey case study here.

That’s persuasion you can take to the bank.

Because implementation is so fast and efficient, it’s easy for us to help you be successful.

For example, Harry’s Inc., a razor and personal care brand that grew from an online shop to an omnichannel family of brands in under a decade, needed a solution for its packaging proofing process. Harry’s implemented Remote Director to collaborate online with their team. The company eliminated the bottleneck caused by analog hard copy proofing and ultimately adopted Remote Director as the backbone of their digital color proofing system, rolling it out to their print suppliers worldwide. 

Remote Director eliminated $500 to $1,000 per project on hard copies and shipping and took a one-to-two-week proofing cycle down to a few days, with all stakeholders using the tools available on the server. Read the Harry’s case study here.

We can onboard your team quickly and explain the benefits with real business examples.

Invest for the future.

At ICScolor, we empathize with companies that are pressed for time and safeguarding stakeholder dollars. But if you’re working in global-scale packaging and branding and haven’t made the time to switch from hard copy to digital color proofing, you might just be your own worst enemy.

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