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Managing process color, spot color and screening of spot color, before, during and after a pressrun can be challenging. Different devices, technologies, software and techniques make it difficult to find the starting point.

Explore the different solutions that all flexographers can use to prosper through efficiency.

Dan Caldwell, ICScolor

Where Did My Color Go?

Marc will explore how colors are specified, matched and communicated across the supply chain. He will also examine how colors can sometimes lose their way and how to keep them on track.

Additionally, Marc’s presentation will cover the digital exchange of color, the visual exchange of color, print feasibility, and spectral data, colorimetry and metamerism.

Marc Levine, GMG Americas

CXF Is a Way to Share Color Information—Who Is Supposed to Be Generating This Baseline Color Standard?

Cheryl Johnson, SGS

Is There an Easy Way to Switch Between Measuring Density/Dot Area with Murray-Davies for Process Colors and SCTV for Spot Color Tones?

Steve Smiley, SmileyColor & Associates LLC

Inline Color Measurement Maximizes Color Control & Minimizes Waste

Global standards drive print buyers to demand perfectly reproduced brand colors for their packages and labels. This requires converters to print to the numbers and prove color accuracy, all while manufacturing at the highest production speeds and volumes. Measuring only limited color points in each roll is inaccurate, time-consuming, and requires frequent operator intervention.

Brian will explain how inline color measurement systems give instant feedback during production and makeready, recommending adjustments on the fly, so you can respond to changes in real time and avoid costly ink re-formulation. In addition, learn how connectivity to your color management systems streamlines the evaluation of color quality and increases the efficiency of color reporting.

Brian Gamm, Esko

When Would I Ever Use the Black Backer on an On-Board Measurement Device?

Roy Bohnen, ColorOnsite

Session Chairs

Jessica Harrell, SGS

Kevin Bourquin, Cyber Graphics

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