Connect to Your Workflow

The Remote Director technology can be integrated into any third party application to run the viewer in a sessions mode. Hosting application provides asset to be viewed and the integration triggers RD to launch the viewer to enable high-resolution document collaboration with or without accurate color verification. Our developer tools and support provide complete access to the SDK, API references, release notes, sample code, and tutorials.

Client Viewer

When opened from the third party application, the viewer is launched to float in front providing the ability to pan, and zoom high-resolution images with or without RD’s patented color management technology. The viewer contains a compressive annotation and approval engine. Annotations and approvals can be passed back to the hosting application if required. Files are viewed with our patented spectral blending engine for viewing up to 24 colors. The floating viewer window provides easy toggling in and out of full-screen mode. Menus and tools can be hidden using a genie effect, providing a full bezel-to-bezel view of the proofed file for the most critical color evaluations.

Display Calibration

Calibration of the display is included and activates via an icon in the viewers’ toolbar. Once selected we make a direct connection to the instrument and monitor, via the manufacturer’s SDK. Using our patented L* gamma for calibration to set the LUT’s within the supported displays at their full bit depth. JAMs (just any monitor) can be calibrated using the LUT’s on the GPU of the computer. The calibration module enables color verification and gamut warning directly in the viewer.

Integration Support

Clients who purchase the integration SDK receive an additional RD Proof Server to be used as a sandbox to support their integration engineers, along with the documentation of all calls needed. We provide contact with our engineering team to assist in the integration. Should you prefer to contract the integration engineering to us, ICScolor will be happy to prepare a proposal to do so.

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