PressCheck, a lightning-fast remote press approval technology just launched from ICScolor, Inc.

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June 10, 2022, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA – ICScolor, Inc., the makers of the premier digital color proofing software Remote Director, announces the release of their newest product, PressCheck.

Using the Remote Director backbone for sharing color-accurate proofs to the display, PressCheck can send the color-accurate press sheet and target proof comparison directly to the client’s office within a few minutes of printing the sheet.

“Now printers can get sign-off on the quality match of their press sheet without the need to schedule press downtime around their customers’ travel schedules,” said Dan Caldwell, president of ICScolor. “This opens up the ability to offer press approvals to a wider number of customers while saving costly travel and out-of-office time previously associated with on-site press approvals.”

PressCheck is a great tool for narrow web and label printing facilities as well as those running full-size press sheets. The system comes with a ProofCheck viewer for both the printer and their client to ensure the same color is viewed in both locations. Additional ProofChecks can be added, or the client can use existing hardware.

Offered in a tabloid (12×17) and LF (36” roll-fed) formats, PressCheck is a complete solution for sending your client a color-accurate view of the press sheet.

The system includes:

  • ProofCheck viewing station for the printer
  • ProofCheck viewing station for the customer
  • Scanner to capture the press sheet
  • Remote Director software for sending the sheet to the client
  • Onsite installation and training (in the USA)

“I’ve seen a lot of soft proofing systems in my time but never anything better than this. To say I was impressed is an understatement,” said color management pioneer Don Hutcheson after viewing a demo of PressCheck. “The soft proof matched the scanned press sheet and the original digital file as well as any soft proof I’ve ever seen. Even better, it all happened so quickly and easily, it made me feel color management had finally come of age.”

ICS Color is accepting candidates for PressCheck beta sites now.

Interested in becoming a beta site candidate for PressCheck? Click Here.

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ICScolor, Inc. is the world leader in remote digital color proofing. Our technology pioneered color-accurate soft proofing with the launch of Remote Director. The world’s largest brands, converters, printers, premedia, and publishers save time and money by eliminating the handling of hard copy proofs. Today, ICScolor has an expanded suite of products and solutions focused on digital color proofing in real-time, on any mix of hardware and workflows, at any location in the world. For more information, visit

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