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March 19, 2023, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif. — ICScolor is pleased to announce that we’ve added several new displays to our recommended options for Remote Director users. 

While Remote Director viewers can use any display for administration and content reviewing of files, displays for color-critical users will need their display to pass the ISO quality certification. ISO verification is part of the Remote Director process. Users can calibrate any display with their computer’s video LUTs (lookup tables). However, integrated displays are driven internally with the manufacturer’s SDK (software development kit), showing viewers a smoother rendering of their designs and better detail in the shadows. Using one of these integrated displays assures they will all pass verification for color. The following are the latest to be added to the ICScolor recommended list:

Eizo CG-279X and CG-2700S – With the two new Eizo models, the SDK provides access to the display’s internal measuring sensor. It negates the need for an additional instrument to measure the display while calibrating, making the process seamless. 

BenQ SW240 – This smaller 24” display sells at less than $400.00, which brings digital color proofing with the quality of integrated display to end users at an affordable cost.

5k Apple Studio – Due to customer demand, we added Apple support last year with some caution. Even though the display passed verification, the glass gave the viewer a different appearance. This year, the nano-texture glass of the new 5k Apple Studio display brings it on par with other non-glass displays, and we can happily recommend it to our Apple customers.

For a complete list of recommended displays for Remote Director users, please visit: https://icscolor.com/technical-specs/ 

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ICScolor Inc. is the world leader in remote digital color proofing. Our technology pioneered color-accurate soft proofing with the launch of Remote Director. The world’s largest brands, converters, printers, premedia, and publishers save time and money by eliminating the handling of hard copy proofs. Today, ICScolor’s expanded suite of products and solutions are focused on digital color proofing in real-time, on any mix of hardware and workflows at any location in the world. For more information about ICScolor and Remote Director, visit icscolor.com

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