ICScolor Launches ProofCheck – Turn-Key Digital Proofing Solution for Remote Teams


color, Inc., creator of Remote Director, the #1 digital-proofing system worldwide, introduces ProofCheck, a turn-key digital proofing station for verified color monitor proofing. ProofCheck allows brand owners to work with their remote internal stakeholders, ad agencies, pre-media providers and converters/printers, ensuring a consistent viewing condition that communicates accurate color across the supply chain. ProofCheck addresses a need in the industry to provide a turn-key digital proofing station that includes a high-end monitor, CPU, software-controlled LED lighting, and a display measurement device, all in an easy-to-assemble viewing station.

“Whether you are looking at a traditional hard copy analog proof or even a more efficient digital proof, if your lighting conditions are different, you cannot communicate accurate color across the supply chain,” states Dan Caldwell, President, ICScolor, Inc. “We already bridged the problem caused by hard copy proofing with Remote Director. With ProofCheck, we are satisfying the need for remote stakeholders to proof color critical packaging projects by giving them an easy-to-assemble, turn-key digital proofing station.”

The Problem with Hard Copy Analog Proofs

The email distribution of PDF proofs between stakeholders and print providers is fast and easy unless you need to see accurate color. The need for accurate color proofs has been traditionally met with hardcopy analog proofs. However, the time and cost of breaking the digital workflow to send multiple prints to multiple recipients can complicate and lengthen a brand owner’s time to market. Additionally, once multiple markups are complete, comments are then manually compiled, and a collaborator verifies the latest version seen. This “non-digital” approach to proofing color critical work is prone to errors.

“The initial adopters of Remote Director were typically printers or graphics providers,” states Vicki Blake, VP Business Development, ICScolor, Inc. “This audience is color savvy and tech savvy. They have always understood the need for calibrated monitors viewed under controlled lighting. But two things have changed. First, the COVID pandemic has created a remote workforce that needs an easy-to-use digital proofing station. It cannot cost significantly more than if they went out and bought each of the components one at a time for themselves. Second, we know that control of color has always been critical for the brand owner. CPGs are looking for a turnkey solution to travel restrictions and the inability to “huddle” around one viewing booth in the office. We are seeing rapid acceptance to this solution of fast, easy, digital proofing across an organization and through the printing supply chain regardless of location.”

ProofCheck Closes Loop on Digital Proofing

By enabling color-critical soft proofs in all digital workflow from office, home office, remote locations, and press side with converters and printers, ProofCheck, addresses long standing issues of breaking the digital workflow with hard copy proofing and the need for better remote communication brought on by COVID-19.

ProofCheck includes all that is needed to view color accurate digital proofs. Having a bundled, lighting-controlled solution enables color-critical digital proofing from any location. Then, with a simple internet connection, a true digital workflow is maintained as all participants see the same file from the Remote Director proof server to view, annotate, and approve files.

RemoteDirector provides the latest proof in an instant with all previous versions and comments in one centralized location in the cloud. Verified color accurate displays assure all participants see the same color, eliminating errors, reducing time and cost.

“Consumer product companies can now respond faster to market trends by decreasing the approval process while maintaining their digital workflow,” states Blake. “Improving communications reduces costs and errors through the entire production ecosystem. Additionally, the ability to show colors on any substrate and custom spot colors eliminates sending physical spot color draw-downs.”

Remote Director goes from think to ink

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